1. The content was appropriate for the purpose of this conference.

2. I will take away actionable information from this conference.

3. The resource material will help me to share new strategies/knowledge with my organization.

4. The length of the conference was appropriate for the material covered.

5. There was an appropriate mix of lecture and active audience involvement.

6. Overall the presenter(s) demonstrate thorough knowledge of, and experience with, the topic(s).

7. I gained new and useful knowledge, understanding or insight from Dr. Scott Poland's address, Suicide and violence prevention; Lessons from the front lines of school crises.

8. I gained new and useful knowledge, understanding or insight from Dr. Matthew Wappett's address, Laughter and Learning: The Science Behind the Success of Happy, Relaxed Students.

9. What did you find MOST helpful during the Conference?

10. What did you find LEAST helpful during this Conference?

11. Are there any school prevention related activities you plan to conduct differently in your school/district based on the sessions you attended? If so, what are they?

12. Was this year's offerings related to cultural relevancy sufficient?

13. In 2015 the State Department of Education's Title I Conference is scheduled for the same time the Prevention Conference is traditionally held. Will this impact your attendance at the Prevention Conference?