1. On average, how many movies do you watch per month?

2. Do you think movie content has changed over time as society itself has changed? In what ways do you think this has happened?

3. What do you think about the way movies portray gender roles? Is it an accurate representation? Do you think movies have been a factor in the changing of gender roles?

4. Do you think movies have had a positive or negative impact on cultural norms? Are movie portrayals of cultures too stereotypical, or do they help people to better understand cultures other than their own?

5. Do you think Hollywood movies have helped make societies and cultures more 'American'? In what ways do you think this has or hasn't happened?

6. Do you think movies have affected or introduced trends? If so, what trends have been involved?

7. What do you think holds for the future? Do you think the relationship between movies and society will change?

8. What is your age?

9. What is your gender?

10. What is your nationality?