1. Does your Region have an apparel program for members?

2. Please rate how likely you would be to purchase an item at the SCCA National Convention that has one of the following logos on it:

  Not Likely Somewhat Likely Likely Very Likely
Convention Logo
Club Racing Logo
Road Rally Logo
RallyCross Logo
Solo Logo
Time Trials Logo

3. Please rate your satisfaction of the available hours the booth is open during convention:

4. If the booth were open on Thursday afternoon, during registration, how likely would shop during this 1pm - 5pm time?

5. What are the favorite items you like to see at the booth?

6. What would you like to see available at the SCCA Merchandise booth at convention?

7. Please rate the following items based on your interest:

  Not Interested Somewhat Interested Interested Very Interested
Polo Shirts
Dress Shirts
Children's Items
SCCA Swag Items

8. Rate your satisfaction with the following:

  Poor Average Good Above Average Excellent
Sizes Available at Convention
SCCA Logo Merchandise Pricing
SCCA Logo Merchandise Quality

9. Please provide any other comments regarding SCCAGear as the licensed SCCA Merchandise Partner: