The Arctic Report

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Commercial fishing industry
Economic development and investment (Arctic Economic Council, new businesses in Arctic regions, tourism)
Education (early childhood, K-12, post-secondary)
Environment (melting sea ice, thawing permafrost, warmer temperatures, wildfires, changing vegetation)
Food security (subsistence hunting and fishing, fish and game migration)
Foreign Relations (Arctic Council, U.S./foreign relations, treaties including Law of the Sea)
Health & Wellness (access to medical care, suicide prevention, mental health)
Indigenous Affairs (Alaska Native Corporations, tribal governments, Indigenous Arctic peoples)
National Security (Coast Guard, U.S. military presence in Arctic, law enforcement)
Oil and Gas Development
Oil Spill Prevention/Response
Renewable Energy
Shipping industry (includes concerns with Northern Sea Route, Northwest Passage, other Arctic routes)
Telecommunications (connectivity in Arctic and sub-Arctic regions)
Transportation (ports, roads, runways)
Utilities (non-telecom: water & sewer, landfills, electricity)

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