1. Please let us know your monitoring plans for 2015

Watershed Watch is truly fortunate! Last season with your help we monitored about 240 sites throughout Rhode Island and southeastern Connecticut, and completed our 27th monitoring season - a huge accomplishment! With spring just around the corner (really - I hope) it's time to start getting ready for our 2015 monitoring seasons. This is a brief survey to ascertain your plans for monitoring this year. Knowing who is coming back from which sites helps guide our recruitment efforts to ensure volunteer coverage for all sites of interest to our local sponsors and the RI Department of Environmental Management.

With appreciation, Elizabeth and Linda

* 1. Contact information

* 2. Do you plan to volunteer for URI Watershed Watch in 2015?

* 3. If not, would you like to stay on our mailing list?

* 4. Do you need additional monitors for your location(s)?

* 5. Are you interested in coming into the URIWW lab to help assemble monitoring supplies this spring?

* 6. Any news, comments or suggestions you’d like to pass on?