1. Please tell us about yourself. Are you: (Please check all that apply)

2. Do you have a current Crawford County Federated Library System card?

3. How often do you visit the library?

4. Overall, how satisfied are you with services provided by library staff members and volunteers?

5. Have you noticed problems with the physical condition of any of the following? (Please check all that apply)

6. What are your reasons for visiting the library? (Please check all that apply)

7. Check all the following materials/services you have used in the library in the past year:

8. Would you attend a free class at the library on any of these topics? (Please check all that apply)

9. Over the next 3 years, do you think the library should add and/or provide more of any of the following items? (Please check all that apply)

10. How can we best improve your satisfaction with our library services?