1. Which category below includes your age?

2. Have you ever stored personal belongings in a storage container or mini storage unit?

3. Do you store things at home in a basement, garage or attic?

4. How many boxes of stuff are you storing in your home?

5. Do you use a home computer to find things you want to buy?

6. Do you ever buy used things?

7. Do you have a list of things your currently storing in boxes of in a storage container for insurance purposes?

8. Are you insured to replace the things your storing?

9. Would you pay for a service that sold your used things you no longer want and sent you a check for them?

10. Would you pay for a service that detailed and documented all your personal belonging for insurance purposes?

11. Do you ever donate to the good will and charitable organizations?

12. If you could give to families in need in other countries would you opt to do that over those in need in the USA?

13. Do you throw away lots of stuff seasonally?

14. Do you ever check the legitimacy of the charitable organizations you give to? How do you do this?

15. Have you ever used the internet to buy things or sell things on Craigslist?

16. When you sell a used good what is your preference in delivering that good?

17. Do you have a home business or online business?

18. Have you ever used Geek Squad as a home service for computer problems?

19. Do you have a smart phone/IPhone and use apps?

20. What kind of smart phone do you have?

21. What apps add value to your life that you use on your smart phone?

22. You decide you no longer want something worth $100 would what would you do?

23. Are you a collector? What do you collect?

24. Does your local church give to charities and people in need? Do you participate?

25. Do you collect a bag or box of stuff to donate threw out the year or season and then go and drop it off to a place like The Good Will or Salvation Army?

26. If the Good Will or Salvation Army filled out your charitable donation IRS Form for you would you use it and donate more?

27. Do you have any other thoughts on what would make it easier for you to give more used stuff to those in need you would like to share with us?

28. Thank you so much for your time and energy! In the future we would love to continue to work with you! At what email address would you like to be contacted? Again this is optional and again thank you.