1. Topics:

E-learning professionals have requested the following topics for future symposiums and / or workshops. Please vote for your favorites by indicating your preference OR add and rank your own amazing idea in the next question!

  1 - Least Wanted 2 3 - Neutral 4 5 - Most Wanted
Authoring Tools (Captivate, Articulate, Lectora)
Accessibility: Creating Accessible Learning
Augmented Reality
Blended Learning
Case Studies from the Trenches
Cognitive Development / Neuroscience
Compliance & Certification
Content Collection
Distance Learning Challenges / Solutions
Emerging Technologies and Learning Models: What's Next?
Game Design
Generations: Designing for Different Generations
Global Audience Challenges / Solutions
Learning Management Systems
Learning Theory / Models
MOOCs & Their Impact
Mobile Considerations: Design / Development
Motivating Learners
Photography 101 to Create Your Own Custom Content
Project Management
Rapid E-Learning
Social Learning / Incorporating Social Media
Tin Can API / Standards

2. What other topics would you suggest & how would you rank them per the scale above?

3. What speakers would you recommend? Their topic? Other relevant info (i.e. URL, organization name)?

If you know them personally and would like to make an introduction, please email: kwade@elearningcouncil.com.

4. What other suggestions / ideas can you share to improve the E-Learning Symposium or workshops? What other learning events or resources would provide value to you?

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