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1. Please rate the following aspects of the 2011 DLF Fall Forum:

  Poor Average Good Excellent
Forum Registration Process
Hotel Registration
Conference Venue
Food and Beverage
Conference Dates

2. Please indicate the value of the Forum sessions by session type:

  Not Informative/Useful Somewhat Informative/Useful Informative/Useful Very Informative/Useful N/A
Keynote Address - David Weinberger
Research Updates
Short Papers
Working Sessions
Community Showcase (Posters/Demos)
Birds of a Feather
THATcamp Publishing
TEI SIG Meeting
Project Managers Meeting
Taiga Forum

3. What was your favorite session? What are your key takeaways from the Forum?

4. How would you suggest we improve the Forum for next year?

5. If you would like to contribute to the Forum planning for next year, please complete the following: