This is a survey about bookstores for residents (or frequenters) of Toronto. It will only take a few minutes, and your feedback would be very much appreciated.

1. Do you purchase physical books or e-books?

2. How often do you purchase physical books or e-books?

3. Where do you typically purchase books? (choose as many as apply)

4. Please rank your priorities when buying books. (Drag and drop.)

5. How much interest do you have in buying from local bookstores?

6. If you answered "quite a bit" or "some" to the last question, which, if any, of the following factors would make you more likely to choose a local bookstore over a chain? (Please choose any that matter to you.)

7. If a store had onsite publishing capabilities (the ability to print a store-quality paperback book in any quantity) for public domain/out-of-print titles and self-publishing (printing your own works,) how likely would you be to use this service? (Please choose as many as apply.)

8. Would onsite publishing capabilities increase your likelihood of frequenting a store?

9. In which Toronto neighbourhood do you live? (ex. the Annex, Riverdale, the Junction, etc)