Mary (the really important one from the Bible).

I often meet people who have a special reverence for and/or reliance upon Mary, the Holy Mother. Plenty of those with such a great devotion to Mary are Catholic, but there are also many more that I know who are not.

As for myself, I was raised Catholic and so grew up with Mary. My Grandmother on my mom's side had a special devotion to Mary, and I am the lucky one who inherited the statue that Grammy cherished. My Grandmother on my Dad's side made many rosaries, one of which I have still.

As a little girl, I would sit during Mass and gaze at the huge statue of Mary (Jesus too) and imagine this blessed being looking right at me. I wanted to be a saint, you know, the kind with visions and important messages to the world from the Heavens.

I never did get that promotion, but I have retained my love for and fascination with the mother of Jesus.

So, anyway, I want to know what Mary means to you - Is she a fictional character in a crazy, fat book? Do you credit her with changing your life or the life of someone you know (and how has that happened)? Do you pray for her intercession? Do you see her as the perfect mother and rely on her for the love, compassion and direction you did not receive as a child? Who is she?

I'd love all the info and stories I can collect. I might even make this into a little booklet to share. So be sure to mention if you want your name listed (if I indeed DO make the booklet) or not. AND if you know someone who may also be interested in responding, please forward this to that person as well.

I guess that's it for now, except to say that all respondents (who also leave their addresses) will receive a neat prize (could be almost ANYTHING, but it will certainly be fun!).

Thank you for your time, and may you be blessed by love and happiness.

Mary Dolan

* 1. Are you

* 2. Are you

* 3. In what faith tradition were you raised (if any)? If none, write "none"

* 4. What would you say is your faith or spiritual practice today (if any)? If none, write "none"

* 5. Is Mary (please check all that apply)

* 6. Was Mary (please check all that apply)

* 7. Do you believe that Mary has appeared to people to send specific messages to the world?

* 8. Other than the manifestations that have been popularly celebrated and sanctioned as true by the Catholic Church, are you aware of any other visitation stories?

* 9. Do any of these stories involve (check all that apply)

* 10. Could you describe the event (where, who, what,etc)?
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