Thank you for completing the UMU Disposition Evaluation ( for a candidate who may be in your UMU course, in your P-12 classroom, or one you work with in any capacity. This evaluation is to be completed ONLY when concerns arise with a particular candidate who is seeking teacher licensure.

Please only complete required fields (demographic information about you and the candidate) and categories that specifically pertain to your concern at any time throughout the semester. For instance, if the candidate is frequently missing your class, complete the question titled Timeliness/Deadlines, and leave the other items blank.

Include a comment to help provide some context to the concern.

Once submitted, the Subcommittee on Teacher Education (SCOTE) will review the evaluation. A member of SCOTE will contact you to discuss the concern. If you have not been contacted within 72 hours or if you have any questions, please contact Dr. Melissa Askren Edgehouse at or 330.268.3632.
6% of survey complete.