Purpose of this Assessment

8% of survey complete.

Thank you for taking part in Arizona's Young Breast Cancer Survivor Support Initiative. The goal of this assessment is to develop support and educational awareness for young (<45 years of age) breast cancer survivors in Arizona, as part of a broader effort to support breast cancer awareness in young women. As a direct result of this survey, resources will establish or enhance existing support services for young (<45 years of age) breast cancer survivors and their families. Tools and resources will increase patient and provider knowledge of health behaviors and other strategies for reducing disease risk (e.g., recurrences, risk for other chronic diseases such as cardiovascular disease, diabetes, etc.) and improving overall health, wellness, and quality of life. These resources should be useful in helping patients understand recommended diagnostic follow-up of abnormal screening exams, cancer diagnoses, treatment referrals, and preventive behaviors.

Again, thank you for your part in this exciting project.