* 1. Please rate the quality of the following:

  Poor Okay Good Excellent
The overall organization of the program
The graduate student presentations
The faculty researcher presentations
Programmatic support from staff
Your overall experience at the workshops

* 2. Please rate your response to the following questions:

  Not at all A little Somewhat Very
After completing this program, do you feel prepared to teach your students topics in nanoscience and nanotechnology?
Do you feel confident bringing a nanoscience and nanotechnology experiment (from any source) into your class curriculum?
Were you given the tools and support infrastructure to enable you to teach science fundamentals (or standards) in a more stimulating fashion?

* 3. Please rate how well you understand the following nanoscience concepts:

  Not at all A little Somewhat Very well
Nanostructures have very large surface to volume ratios
The surface determines the properties for most nanomaterials
Different forces dominate at the nanometer scale
Nanomaterials can dissolve without breaking into their atomic or molecular components
Surfaces coated with nanostructures have unique interactions with liquids
Electrons move differently within small structures
Nanostructures are of similar sizes to cellular components and therefore they interact with cells in unique ways

* 4. Please rate how well you can describe the following expected impacts of nanoscience and nanotechnology to your students:

  Not at all A little Somewhat Very well
Nanomaterials are important for solving the energy crisis
Nanoscience is important for medicine
There are nanostructures inside all the microchips in computers and electronic devices

* 5. Please rate how well this program did the following:

  Not at all A little Somewhat Very well
Improved my understanding of nanoscience and nanotechnology
Presented the state-of-the-art research activities happening within the science community
Created network opportunity with a community of science teachers with similar enthusiasm for curriculum innovation
Had experts explain and share recent science and technology advances
Had experts share teaching resources on scientific topics
Offered unique experiences to my students, different from the typical class assignments
Brought the latest scientific and technological progress to my students
Provided instructions and guidance for incorporating this program’s materials into my classroom

* 6. Please rate your agreement with the following statement:

  Strongly Disagree Disagree Agree Strongly Agree
I have sufficient teaching materials to explain nanoscience and nanotechnology to my students

* 7. Are you getting any resistance from your department to bringing this new information to your class?

* 8. Have you recommended this program to your colleagues?

* 9. Do you plan to recommend this program to your colleagues?

* 10. Please rate the support you are getting from your school for integrating this new content into your class(es):

* 11. How many of these experiments do you plan to incorporate into your curriculum next year?

* 12. Please rate this program relative to other science teacher training workshops you have completed.