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Please consider answering this short anonymous survey to help us continue to improve Recon@UVa. Thank you in advance for your feedback!

1. How would you rate the ease of use for the following?

  Excellent Good Neutral Needs Work Poor N/A
Recon@UVa System - Overall
- Assigning Alternates
- Reviewing Accounts
- Electronic Signature
Recon@UVa Website - Overall
- Help
- System Access
Recon@UVa Training - Overall
- Lecture hall classes
- In-house sessions
- Workshops

2. During "In House" session we have discussed the idea of scanning supporting documentation such as receipts, etc. Please provide feedback:

  Yes Neutral No
This is a good idea for our office
We have the equipment necessary to scan
We would participate if this were a voluntary option

3. We've received the following recommendations for changes to the Recon@UVa system. Please rate them in importance:

  Most Important - 1 2 3 4 5 6 Least Important - 7
Extend Access to Recon@UVa Detail for Longer than 3 Months
Exporting Report Information
Subtotals/Totals (by Expenditure Type, etc.)
Alternates with Restrictions (No Signature, No Salary, By Task, etc.)
More Options on Managing by Task
Ability to Search by PI and/or Approver
More Rows per Page

4. Please share any recommendations or comments you have regarding Recon@UVa. As this is an anonymous survey, questions may be directed to recon@virginia.edu or please provide your email id with your question in the box below.

5. What is your length of service at UVa?

6. Which employee type best describes your position?