* 1. Is this your first yar to ride wtih the BEEF Team for Tour de Cure?

* 2. Has participating in this program changed your mindset and understanding of how lean beef fits into a healthy diet?

* 3. Did the communication from and with TBC and the resources available meet your expectations?

4. As a Beef Team member have you received any positive or negative feedback from anyone (friends, family, consumers, etc...) you would like to share with us?

* 5. Did the cycling jersey fit your needs?

* 6. Did you use the thank you cards TBC provided?

* 7. Considering all you know about beef would you say...?

* 8. How often do you eat beef?

* 9. Did you participate in the pre-race team dinner?

* 10. Did you share with any other riders your experiences with the BEEF Team? Please explain.

* 11. Did you receive a massage at the end of the race at the BEEF Team tent?

12. What additional feedback would you like to share with TBC regarding your participation with the BEEF Team for Tour de Cure?

13. What could TBC do to enhance your experience with the BEEF Team?

* 14. What additional feedback do you have, specifically about the Tour de Cure, that we can share with ADA?

* 15. Would you like to be a part of the BEEF Team for Tour Cure 2013?