1. Nutraceuticals for the Treatment of Osteoarthritis in Non-domestic Species

Geriatric medicine has become increasingly important to zoo veterinarians as many animals housed in zoos and aquaria are living longer. Newer therapies include nutraceuticals (i.e. Cosequin) for treatment of age-related diseases—the most common of which is osteoarthritis. These products are now considered main-stays of treatment in domestic species. Although these same products have been implemented for many non-domestic species in AZA facilities across the country, extremely limited published information is available for even domestic animal models or humans.

With the significant monetary investment in maintaining these products in inventory as well as understanding their efficacy, Dr. Kathryn Gamble and I, Dr. Olivia Berridge, have identified a definite need for additional data regarding the use of these products for the sole or adjunctive treatment of osteoarthritis in non-domestic species. The following survey was developed to elucidate the specifics regarding these medications. This project has two-parts—the initial survey is a qualitative assessment of common species recipients, brand preference, common dosages, and side effects. The second, follow-up survey will focus on efficacy, adverse events, and response to treatment in select species.

This survey is divided into 3 sections pertaining to different nutraceutical products: Cosequin, Adequan, and third section which you may state an additional nutraceutical commonly utilized in your clinical practice. Each of these sections is subdivided by select species.

The project has been reviewed and approved by the Lincoln Park Zoo Research Committee. If your institution requires separate approval for you to complete the survey, please contact Dr. Gamble (kgamble@lpzoo.org).

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