1. Volunteer-Member Ballot for KFAI 2013 Program Committee

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Ron Thums (Incumbent):
I have served eight years as a volunteer-elected member of the PC, and one year on the Board (2009). I have missed only one monthly meeting during that time. I received the National Federation of Community Broadcasters Volunteer of the Year Award at the 2010 conference. I co-hosted the popular Radio Rumpus Room with Jean Silverberg for more than 18 years. I am constantly talking to staff and programmers about how we can do things better. I am intensely interested in seeing that KFAI produces the best possible programming and presents it to the greatest number of ears. I take being a volunteer seriously; I ask questions that need asking and I willingly volunteer ideas and opinions to staff. As a longtime production manager I try to come up with solutions and anticipate the consequences of same. Above all, I want this station to remain relevant, and to thrive.

Kathy Mouachepao:
When I created CHAT Radio and became a program volunteer 6 years ago, I was excited about sharing the Hmong American experience through radio and for broadening audiences for Hmong American artists. The time flew by and we have since changed our program name to HmongFM to include a wider scope of topics and ideas affecting the Hmong community. I am proud of how our program has grown but, also feel it is time for deeper involvement with KFAI beyond our program alone. I have been working in the non-profit sector for over 10 years with experience in Arts administration, grant writing, dialogue facilitation, event planning, and program development. But, mostly, I have a passion for people and bringing them together through the arts.

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  Ron Thums Kathy Mouachepao
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