1. 5th Annual Youth Summit General Questions

Your feedback helps determine the logistics of the 5th Annual Youth Summit. Your time and valuable so we only created a 9 question survey. Please take the survey and pass it along to your friends to help us shape this year's event.

February 11 & 12 2011

Thank you

* 1. Would you like the talent showcase to be held on Friday night or Saturday after the Summit?

* 2. If you are a youth (18 and under) or not would you like to choose your own workshops or be assigned when you register?

* 3. Please make any suggestions on workshop titles or presenters

* 4. The Y.O.U.th Summit has always involved the 5 Elements of Hip Hop. What other themes would you suggest be involved this year?

* 5. Are you willing to make a financial contribution to our non-profit 501 c 3?
If so, please enter your email address and the amount you would be willing to make.

* 6. What Portland artist would you like to hear perform this year?

* 7. What type of vendors would you like to hear from this year?

* 8. Are you willing to donate any services for the Y.O.U.th Summit? Please enter your email address so we may contact you regarding your donated services
(Flyer design, help with outreach, volunteer, acquire donations for incentives for the participants)

* 9. Have you been involved with the Y.O.U.th Summit in the past? If so, do you think this is a positive event that should continue? If not, why are you looking forward to the 5th Annual?