1. What makes you most nervous about attending college for the first time? (List the top 3 reasons)

2. Do you feel it’s essential to visit the college you want to attend?

3. How many colleges do you plan to visit? How long do you plan to stay?

4. Academics and tuition aside, what are some other factors that would influence the decision between colleges? Check any that apply:

5. What opportunities do you wish you had access to while picking your college?
(Example: talking to sophomore with your major)

6. How much of picking a major comes from your own decision? Do your parents influence your choice in major?

7. How did you narrow down to the major of your choice? Did it make you nervous committing? (Put 'undecided' if you have yet to choose a major)

8. Do you think it would be helpful to connect with someone in your major at your top schools before selecting a college?

9. When do you think you should start thinking about what college to attend?

10. Are you on a path that lets you follow your passions in life?