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* 1. What is the name of the workshop you attended?

* 2. Who is the instructor of the workshop you attended?

3. This activity has increased my knowledge of the content area that I teach.

4. This activity has improved my technology skills.

5. The instructor(s) was/were well prepared.

6. The instructor presented the material effectively.

7. The instructional methods modeled the use of technology.

8. I recommend that other educators take part in this activity.

9. I feel confident that I can implement/apply the skills learned in this activity in my classroom/school.

10. The activity was aligned with my school district's professional development master plan.

11. This activity was aligned with my personal professional development plan.

12. Will this actiivity assist you in becoming certified in a new area?

13. What worked best for you in this workshop?

14. What didn't work for you as well in this workshop?

15. Would you recommend this workshop to someone else? Why or why not?

16. How will the knowledge you aquired through this training impact your teaching?

17. Please recommend any professional development topics that you would like to see offered at the SPDC:

18. How did you hear about this workshop/event?