1. A bit about you

We want to find out people's views about the real cost to them of having various medical tests and treatments.

Usually, people undergo treatments because it will benefit them or sometimes for the sake of medical research. But treatments can involve different amounts of inconvenience or even pain. One way to measure this is to ask how much money we would want to be paid in order to undergo such a treatment if the treatment wasn't going to do us any good.

If a doctor was going to do something to you which had no medical benefit and no benefit for science, how much money would you want?

Suppose a soft drinks firm is making a new product, Pear Cola, and they need to run some tests before they can market it. They will pay you to do the test. How much would you charge them?

Please bear in mind that if you have to attend a hospital or clinic then you must do it in your own time or take an annual leave from work.

Please begin by answering a couple of questions about yourself. Remember - the survey is entirely anonymous.