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1. What is your primary role?

2. Does your company have a career-planning process for people in your role either as a freestanding activity or as part of your performance review?

3. Do you believe that your company's career-planning process is effective in identifying and preparing you for future positions within your company?

4. Do you believe that your supervisor has received adequate training in career development?

5. Describe the best attribute of career-development plans that you have completed:

6. Describe the best way your company could improve its career-development planning process:

7. Does your company provide on-site or fund off-site educational programs? (Please check all items that apply.)

8. How many company-supported programs did you attend in the last two years? (If you are taking college courses, please consider each course a program.)

9. Are your company’s on-site training programs relevant to your career path?