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1. Where did you hear about TruePCGaming?

2. Please rate the following TruePCGaming content.

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3. How do you feel about our reviews which give a technical run down and do not use the traditional scoring method?

4. TruePCGaming tries to avoid the over-saturation of major news (Dark Souls PC, Mass Effect 3 Ending) by not reporting on these issues. Do you believe this is a good move?

5. We are currently in the process of re-designing TruePCGaming. Please rate the design aspects by importance to you.

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Ease of Navigation
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6. Would you like to see video reviews by members of TruePCGaming similar to "WTF Is" or "Let's Play"?

7. Would you be interested in a TruePCGaming internet show (multiple person panel, round table discussion, podcast) involving respected members of the PC gaming community?

8. We would like TruePCGaming to become a full-time paying job. In order to do this, we will need to place ads on our site. These ads will be uninstrusive and relevant to PC gaming. Is this acceptable?

9. How do you keep up with TruePCGaming?

10. Please offer any additional feedback you deem necessary for TruePCGaming to reach its ultimate potential.