1. First survey after your enrolment at Nova Institute

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Nova is committed to continuous improvement in all areas of its operations.

Your feedback is very important to us for it will provide information about areas that need Improvement.

Thank you for your time in giving us the feedback.

Please fill in this Survey as honestly as you can. Your contribution to the improvement of Student Services would be highly regarded. If we are required to take any action as a result of the survey, you will be informed through our newsletter "Nova Star".

If you wish to discuss any aspect of the survey, please contact Student Suppor Officer, Admin or email us at survey@nit.vic.edu.au

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* How did you first find out about Nova Institute of Technology(NIT)? (Please click where applicable)

* Was there any specific aspect(s) of NIT that particularly attracted you when you applied to come here?

* Do you have friends/family studying at NIT?

* Please identify the best aspect of your experience with the NIT application & admissions process.

* Please identify areas where improvement is needed with the application process.

* Did you use an agent to apply to NIT?

* Was the agent in Australia or your home country?

* Would you recommend your agent to another student?

* Would you describe your agent as careless, incompetent, being negligent or following unethical practices

* When making your application did you know you could apply directly to NIT?

* At Orientation, did you know who was a NIT staff member?

* Please identify the best aspect of your experience at Nova Institute of Technology(NIT)?

* Please identify the areas that needs improvement?