* 1. What is your agency?

* 2. What is your jurisdiction?

* 3. How many Survivors of Homicide Victims (SHV) were served in your jurisdiction during the calendar
year 2012?

4. Are services for survivors of homicide victims (SHV) OF ALL AGES available in your jurisdiction?

5. Services for SHV are affordable in your jurisdiction.

6. The services are adequate at meeting the needs of the (SHV).

7. Law enforcement officers are given the tools to meet the needs of SHV in your jurisdiction.

8. The prosecutor’s office provides SHV with information and notification regarding their offender’s

9. Is training available on working effectively with SHV in your jurisdiction?

10. Based on your experience, rank these services for SHV below from 1-9 (1 being the most important: 9
being the least important)

11. Of those 9 needs, check all of those that are available to SHV in your jurisdiction

12. Are there non-profits and/or other governmental agencies in your jurisdiction that serve the needs of SHV?

13. If known, Does your jurisdiction receive funding for supplying services to SHV?

14. It would be a good idea for the state of Maryland to annually conduct services assessments for SHV?