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1. In what part of Dallas/Ft Worth do you live?

* 2. How do you begin planning for your child's birthday or other event?

* 3. Have you ever consulted a party planner for a child's birthday or other event?

4. If money were not an issue, would you consult a party planner for your child's birthday or other event?

* 5. If you haven't consulted a party planner, or you have but do not plan to again, what are your primary reasons why?

* 6. If money were not an issue, what would you like to use a party planner for?

* 7. Have you ever hired a character performer for a birthday party or other event?

8. When researching party planners and local party entertainment, how would you rate the quality of your results?

* 9. If you were to consult a party planner, what would you want from the company? For example, "cheaper rates," "more customization," "higher quality web presence," etc. Anything at all!

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