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1. Do YOU believe that Supernatural and Paranormal incidents occur?

2. Has anyone You know had an experience with Supernatural, or Paranormal forces?

3. Have YOU ever had a Supernatural, or Paranormal experience that would lead you to conclude there's 'Something' out there...Beyond The Grave?

4. If You answered 'Yes' to Q3 - Describe your experience.

5. Would You like your experience(s) included at my 'Emily Hill Writer' site, on the 'Ghost Stories' tab?

6. Have You read either of my ghost stories collections, "Ghost Stories and The Unexplained" *or* "Ghost Stories From Beyond The Grave"? (Both 5-Star rated collections are available on Kindle and Nook!)

7. To thank you for taking this survey, I am Gifting you a copy of one of my Ghost Stories eBooks! If you would like a 5-star Ghost Stories read, leave your eMail address in the comment box and, like a GOOD Ghost, within just a few days a Ghost Stories eBooks will appear in YOUR in box! ;D