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* 1. What is Stuart's (Dr. Speedie's) middle name?

* 2. Who is the most punctual HINF student?

3. What is your favorite EHR?

4. What is the average age of students in the IHI?

5. When was the IHI founded?

6. Other than Google, name a website you visit everyday.

7. Give a word that starts with "Tele"

8. How many students are in the IHI?

9. Who is the most vocal HINF student?

10. What are the most common degrees students held before entering the IHI? (Give 3 responses, separated by commas)

11. When was the AMIA fall submission deadline?

12. How many ACMI Fellows are on faculty?

13. What is the most memorable HINF course? (Give class code, i.e. HINF 1111)

14. What is the best social media resource for connecting with the IHI?

15. What is the best programming language?

16. What is the worst programming language?

17. How many outside elective credits are required to graduate?

18. What is the proportion of international students in the IHI? (Guess percentage)

19. At what age do you consider someone 'old'?

20. Which country has the most developed health informatics industry?

21. What is your favorite day of the week?

22. What is your favorite operating system?

23. What is your most common reason for missing a doctor's appointment?

24. What is your most common reason for missing an HINF class?

25. What class is the 'most relaxing'? (What would you fall asleep in?)

26. Name a sport without cheerleaders.

27. Name a bad job for someone who is accident prone.

28. What is your favorite Health Informatics acronym?

29. What technological device could you not live without?

30. Where did the most funding from the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act go within the health services industry?

31. Besides a clock or watch, what else displays the time in your home?

32. Name a building that has many beds in it.

33. Name a state that did not accept Federal funding to establish health information exchanges. (Hint: Only two in US did not accept federal funding)

34. Give me a word that rhymes with HIPAA.

35. Name an occupation where people have big egos.

36. Name an occupation where the workers should know CPR.

37. Name something adults take classes to learn.

38. Name an activity people wish they could do faster.

39. Name an occupation that requires a license.

40. Name one thing you dread about going to the doctor.

41. Name an occupation where people wear a mask.

42. Name the first sign that you're getting a cold.