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1. What is your street address? ** Must provide to be entered to win free year of service.

2. Are you a business or a resident?

3. Please rate your pickup. Does it occur properly and on the right schedule? (1 being lowest)

4. Please rate the billing. Is it accurate? (1 being lowest)

5. Please rate the newsletter. (1 being the lowest)

6. Please rate NRWS customer service. (1 being the lowest)

7. Please rate NRWS website; do you feel you have access to enough information? (1 being the lowest)

8. Please rate your overall satisfaction with NRWS service. (1 being lowest)

9. Which of the following waste reduction programs would you like to see expanded or initiated in Paradise? ( Mark all that apply)

10. Please tell us if you have any additional comments or suggestions that will help us meet all your expectations.