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* 1. How did you hear about OC Animal Care?

* 2. What type of animal did you adopt from OC Animal Care?

3. Did you receive knowledgeable, thorough service?

4. Did the animals appear well cared for and comfortable?

5. Were staff members and volunteers friendly and helpful?

6. Did we meet your needs or offer alternatives?

7. Would you adopt from us again or refer someone else to OC Animal Care?

8. Do you feel you received a good value(price) for all of the services that are included with adoption (i.e. vaccinations, alteration fee, etc.)?

9. What was your overall impression of the facility?

10. What was the overall quality of the service you received?

11. Please describe your pet's health today:

12. Please describe your pet's adjustment to your home:

13. Please describe your pet's behavior:

14. Please offer any further thoughts or suggestions you may have about our adoption process:

15. Have you visited our website (www.ocpetinfo.com) in the past month?

16. Were you able to locate the information you needed on our website quickly?

17. Did you find the website easy to navigate?

18. Is there any additional information or programs you would like to see on our website?

19. Do you have any additional suggestions or comments about the website?