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This survey is to collect information on what cameras have specifications related to the Flow Visualization course. Results are posted at http://www.colorado.edu/MCEN/flowvis/course/index.html. Yes, you'll get credit for filling this out.
If you don't know the answer to a question, just skip it.

1. Your name

2. Manufacturer

3. Model

4. Price? Check online for current new and/or used price.

5. Mpixels

6. ISO maximum

7. Minimum focus distance in macro mode

8. Optical zoom range in mm. Also include X ratio (i.e. 3x) and 35 mm equivalent range, if available.

9. Can the exposure value (EV) be changed? i.e. under or over expose the image?

10. Can you choose the aperture (Av, or aperture priority), the shutter speed (Tv), or both (Manual mode)?

11. Can you set the focus manually?

12. Can you set a focus lock, or turn off 'continuous autofocus (AF)'?

13. Is there a video or movie mode?

14. Do you have any comments about this camera?

15. If available, please enter a link to the online camera specifications.