Worship Leader Pick Submissions 2013 (page 1 of 6)

Worship leader Reader’s Choice Awards

The October 2013 issue is currently in the works. You may recall from past years, this is traditionally our editor’s choice issue, but last year we added one more voice to the conversation: yours. We are doing it again this year, so please take a couple of minutes and submit the resources that have helped you in your ministry this year. As best as you can, please make sure your products released this year since last October. The top reader’s choices will be published in Worship Leader’s October issue this year.

(No need to fill in 5 for each category or even cover every category, just as many as you can think of)

* 1. Books:Bibles

* 2. Books: Worship and Worship Essentials

* 3. Gadgets/Accessories
(tablets, tuners, specialty picks, probably smaller than a breadbox)

* 4. Print Choral Resources

* 5. Planning Resources

* 6. Online Worship Resources (this does not include planning)

* 7. Training (lessons/team training/leadership training)

* 8. Higher Education Online Degree

* 9. Higher Education Worship Programs (colleges/universities)