1. Penn Student Affairs Conference 2010

Coming Together: Learning from and with our Penn student affairs colleagues.

May 20-21, 2010
May 20th - Afternoon Keynote and Networking Reception
May 21st - Coming Together Conference Schedule
Registration (8am-9:30am)
Optional Session – S.A.F.E Training with Michelle Ray (8:15am-9:15am)
Session 1 (9:30am-10:20am)
Session 2 (10:30am-11:20am)
Session 3 (11:30am-12:20pm)
Lunch & Keynote - Student Services in the Digital Age (12:30pm-1:50pm)
Session 4 (2pm-2:50pm)
Session 5 (3pm-3:50pm)

* 1. Please complete your demographic information.

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3. What are you hoping to gain from this conference?

4. Are you planning to attend the Keynote and Reception on Thursday afternoon starting at 4PM?

5. To assist us in assigning the proper rooms, please select your top 6 choices of programs in which you have interest.

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Hazing: Coming Together to Address This Societal Plague
Collaboration of Student Affairs and Development/Fundraising Professional: Opportunities and Challenges
Engaging Locally: Incorporating the Penn Compact into Our Missions
He Said/She Said: Issues Involving Sexual Assault and Alcohol
Religious Life at Penn: A Panel Discussion
Student Intervention Services: Current Model and Practices at Penn
Sustaining Balance: Addressing the Needs of Studying and Working Parents Across Campus
At-Risk Students at Highly-Selective Institutions: Who is "At-Risk" When Students are Labeled "At-Risk"?
Fostering and Managing Healthy Relationships with Students
A Home Away from Home: Addressing the Needs of Penn Exchange Students
Understanding and Supporting Our Millennial Generation
Coming Together for Case-Based Staff Development
Burn Out Happens: Moving Past and Remembering Why You Committed Your Life to Student Affairs
Student Training: What is Your Strategy?
It's All Greek to Me: Everything I Needed to Learn about Penn Fraternities & Sororities I Learned at this Conference…
Using Social Media & Technology to Extend Your Reach
How a Communication School Improved Its Communication
Albatross Intercultural Communication Exercise
Creating a Culturally-Responsive Environment for International Students