1. Customer Satisfaction Survey

* 1. What is your current position?

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* 2. Contract negotiations includes design, review, and negotiation of terms and conditions of sponsored research agreements; counsel regarding university policies on publication, intellectual property, and other contractual concerns; provision of information about regulations and policies that affect research contracts.

Are you familiar enough with contract negotiation services to evaluate them?

If answer is no, please skip question 3.

3. Please rate your level of satisfaction with each of the following aspects of contract negotiation services. Rate only those services you have used during the past year.

  Strongly Disagree Met Expectations Strongly Agree
Understanding of researcher needs
Functional/technical expertise of staff
Accessibility and courtesy of staff
Timeliness of services
Communication regarding significance of written terms and conditions
Opportunity to provide input to the contract review process
Given opportunity to approve terms and conditions prior to acceptance
Overall satisfaction with contract negotiation services

4. What suggestions do you have for improving contract negotiation services?

5. Please enter any additional comment you wish to make about contract negotiations