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1. Welcome to the Literary Site Survey

100% of survey complete.

* 1. Please tell us a little bit about yourself

3. What Genres do you enjoy reading the most?

* 4. Please list the electronic magazines you have visited in the last three months. Give URLs where possible (example: National Geogrpahic www.nationalgeographic.com)

* 5. Of the websites you listed above...

6. What initially drew you to this website?

7. Below are a list of qualities or features found on a typical literary website. For each item, please how much you agree with each sentiment when thinking of the favorite website mentioned above.

  strongly disagree disagree neutral agree strongly agree N/A
Easy Navigation
High Quality Content
Professional Appearance
Up to date design
Advertising is not annoying
Advertising is appropriate
Excellent Photography and Art
Active user forums
News is timely and appropriate
I would invite or refer friends
Tools are helpful
Submission process is easy to follow
useful reader feedback

8. Think back to the literary websites that you visited in the last three months. Please list those sites that you liked THE LEAST

9. Think of the one site that you liked the least. What features or qualities about that site caused you to not like it?

10. Please help us improve this survey. Are there questions which you feel should be...