PLEASE complete this form for each order submitted from the 2011 Participation Packet.

It is critical to the timely delivery of your MacBooks that the Department and Apple have accurate information on the school's deployment contact person and shipping arrangements.

Please answer every question, keeping in mind the delivery date range of mid-June to early-July 2011. Someone will need to be available at the delivery location within this timeframe. The Tech Director or Tech Lead for the school is the preferred contact, however if this person is not going to be available for the entire timeframe, please choose someone who will be available. There is space provided for special circumstances.

* 2. Please enter the Deployment Contact's first and last names, and email and primary phone (cell preferred).

* 3. Please enter an alternate phone number, if needed:

* 4. Please enter the shipping address for the physical location (PO Boxes are not allowed):

* 5. Does this location have a loading dock?

* 6. If you answered yes on Q.5, can the loading dock accommodate a full-sized 53' trailer?

* 7. Does the delivery location require an appointment to schedule a delivery?

* 8. If you answered Yes to Q.7, how far in advance does your appointment need to be scheduled?

* 9. Are there periods of time during the estimated delivery window when the delivery can't be received?

* 10. During the delivery window (mid-June to early-July), on which dates is the building open? (Please phrase as individual dates, such as: mm/dd, mm/dd or date ranges: mm/dd - mm/dd):

* 11. For the dates when the building is open, please choose the best time for delivery:

* 12. Is there any other logistical information that would be helpful for the shippers to have?