Community Themes and Strengths Assessment Questionnaire

1. Are you a resident of Carter County?

2. Do you work in Carter County?

3. Which zipcode do you live in?

4. Which sector best describes your employment?

5. What is your age?

6. What is your gender?

7. What do you think are the 2-3 most important characteristics of a healthy community?

8. Is this community a good place to raise children? (Consider school quality, day care, afterschool programs and activities, recreation opportunities, etc.)

9. Is Carter County a safe place to live?

10. Do neighbors in your community know and trust one another?

11. What is it that makes you the most proud of our community?

12. Do you feel that all individuals and groups have an opportunity to contribute to and participate in Carter County's Quality of Life?

13. Do you think that all Carter County Residents perceive that they - individually and collectively - can make the community a better place to live?

14. Are you satisfied with the current health care system in Carter County?

15. What do you believe are the 2-3 most important issues that must be addressed to improve the health and quality of life in our community?

16. What do you believe is holding our community back from doing what needs to be done to improve the health and quality of life in our community?

17. Do you feel that the Local Public Health System has adequate resources available to address health problems in Carter County?

18. Does the Local Public Health System do a good job of identifying at-risk populations who may experience barriers to receiving personal health services?

19. Are you a caregiver for an adult?

20. Do you feel there are adequate Adult Day Care services available in Carter County?

21. What do you feel is needed to improve the availability or quality of Adult Day Care Services in Carter County?