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1. Do you know what GHG stands for?

2. How concerned are you about climate change?

* 3. Which of the following describes you? (choose one)

4. Did you carpool to this event?

5. Would you move closer to work if you could?

* 6. How do you usually get to work?

* 7. Would you be willing to take the bus, walk or bike to one weekly errand or work once a month?

8. Do you receive an employer incentive to carpool, bike or ride the bus to work?

9. How often do you bike, walk or use public transportation to get to work, school or errands?

* 10. What would make you ride your bike more often? (choose all that apply)

11. Are you planning to purchase an electric car?

* 12. Which Energy saving activities do you do? (choose all that apply)

13. Which of these would you most likely do if an incentive was available?

14. Which water efficiency measure do you utilize? (choose all that apply)

15. Would you pay more on your waste water bill to fund projects to capture methane for energy?

16. What is the best thing the City can do to reduce water use in government operations?

17. Which program best promotes residential water conservation? (choose one)

18. Which of these activities do you participate in? (Select all that apply)

19. Would you be willing to help reduce greenhouse gas emissions at work?

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