The Samaritan Women will soon be launching GROUNDWORK, a national podcast series that seeks to educate and support those who are in the early stages of developing a shelter program for victims of domestic human trafficking.  This series will bring together experts from across the country to lend you their advice and best practices.  We invite you to complete the following short survey so that we can have your email to announce the podcasts as they are posted, and to best target our topics to meet your needs.

* 1. Participant

* 2. Is your agency currently open and serving survivors?

* 3. Which of the following populations do you serve (or intend to serve)?

* 4. What is your professional field?

* 5. What is the #1 most pressing topic of interest for you in this podcast series? (select one)

THANK YOU!  we will be sending you an email shortly when the first podcast launches.  In the meantime, please feel free to share this opportunity with anyone in your network who may also be interested.

* 6. Other than your #1 topic, what additional topics interest you?