* 1. Please tell us about your use patterns for our programs.

  Eau Claire Academy Milwaukee Academy Aurora Plains Academy Auburn Lake Academy
Have used in the past.
Currently have child placed there.
Plan to use in the future.
Commonly refer colleagues to program.

* 2. Place rate our intake process:

  Needs Improvement Below Average Average Above Average Excellent
Did the intake process take place in a timely manner?
Did the admissions process clearly identify all treatment needs?

* 3. Please rate our clinical component:

  Needs Improvement Below Average Average Above Average Excellent
Professionalism and expertise of staff.
Attention to treatment goals and objectives.
Effective Communication
Permanency planning is involved throughout all steps of treatment
Aftercare/reintegration planning is valuable
Appropriate Length of Stay

* 4. What suggestions or concerns do you have that would help us to enhance our service?

* 5. Are there program or service ideas that you wish we would offer to meet current or future needs?

* 6. Please tell us about yourself! (optional)

* 7. Would you like us to contact you?

Thank you for taking a few moments out of your busy day to provide us with feedback that is vital to our program enhancements and success. In our ongoing effort to provide innovative treatment solutions, as well as develop programs that will meet tomorrow's needs, feel free to make suggestions and/or offer ideas. Your comments may remain anonymous if you choose. If you wish to receive feedback please indicate that and we will contact you as soon as possible.