What's it like to be a Witch or Pagan these days? Do funny things happen to you, that could only happen to a Witch?

And I mean "funny ha-ha" ... although "funny wonderful" answers will also be accepted!

My name is Rosanna Tufts, a Witch of nearly 30 years experience. Because so much of my magic is baed on planetary energies, I consider myself an "Alchemical Hindu-Witch." I even coordinate an annual esoteric convention in the DC area.

I'm creating a speech for my local ToastMasters Halloween party about the Life of a Witch ... but as it is an advanced project, it requires that I NOT draw from my own experience.

So I want to hear from YOU! I'm looking for funny stories about being a Witch or Pagan, from your perspective.

All responses will be held in confidence, and treated with respect. I will not use them to make Witches/Pagans objects of ridicule -- after all, I'm one of you.

So let's get the Magic 8-Ball rolling . . .

* 1. Have you ever received an omen or "sign" from Nature, that you considered funny or ironic? Describe.

* 2. Have you ever received a message directly from one of the Gods of the Elder Pantheons, that felt as though they were laughing at you, to "wake you up" spiritually? (Recognizable Gods preferred here, like Athena or Odin.) Describe.

* 3. How did you "come out" to yourself -- meaning, how did you realize you are a Witch or Pagan? (Sometimes this can happen in a manner that feels amusing.) Describe.

* 4. In using any form of divination, have you ever received an answer that was funny or ironic? Describe, and please specify the form of divination used -- Tarot, Runes, Ouija, etc.

* 5. If you are a "closeted" Witch/Pagan, have you ever had to use humor to prevent somebody from finding out? (Example: Landlord hears chanting in your apartment, knocks on the door and yells, "what's goin' on in there?" and you say, "uh, choir practice!") Describe.

* 6. If you are public about your religion, has anybody ever made a snarky comment about it, and you came back with a witty retort? Describe.

* 7. In revealing yourself to be a Witch/Pagan to someone, instead of them being frightened or offended, did they start peppering you with questions about their OWN paranormal experiences -- things that didn't fit the dogma they were taught -- hoping you had an explanation? Describe.

* 8. How long have you been a Witch or Pagan?

* 9. Do you belong to a coven, or are you solitary?

* 10. If you don't belong to, or are not the leader of a small Circle, do you serve the Nature Spirituality community in other ways? (Example: leading public rituals, hosting a radio show, teaching classes on esoteric topics) Describe.

* 11. What kind of Pagan do you consider yourself to be -- or, which Pantheon resonates most strongly with you? (More than one answer allowed here.)

* 12. Do you have a job that could be considered "New Age"? (Reiki practitioner, shaman, energy healer, etc.)

* 13. What is your name? (Not required, although if your answers are particularly fascinating, I may invite you to be a guest on my radio show!)

* 14. Your email? (will never be sold or traded to a 3rd party)

* 15. May I contact you, if I need clarification for any of your answers?

* 16. Your website, if applicable: