8% of survey complete.
The EGI Compendium survey aims to collect a structured set of data from the EGI.eu participants and associated participants (NGIs/EIROs) to create a body of knowledge to be updated on a yearly basis.

The collected data refers to key areas such as legal form, users, services, resources, technology and sustainability. The data will be analysed and organised in a booklet to be distributed within the EGI community and outside.

The objectives of the EGI Compendium are:
- to increase the transparency about organisational structure, status and plan of NGIs/EIROs
- to provide an essential body of information for the various stakeholders to better support strategic planning
- to provide more clarity about the EGI.eu partnership with the NGIs/EIROs outside the EGI community

The survey is structure in the following sections:
- identity and contact
- strategy
- governance
- funding of the NGI
- funding and staffing of the NGI/EIRO e-infrastructure
- policy
- outreach
- services
- users
- infrastructure
- technology

This survey should be filled by each NGI/EIRO that is a member of EGI.eu. In order to answer some question, NGIs need to collect data from the respective members. Therefore, we suggest to circulate an internal survey to collect the necessary information (especially those in section "Funding and Staffing of the NGI/EIRO e-Infrastructure").


Q1. In which ways I can submit the answers to EGI.eu?
A1. We invite you to submit the answers solely through this online survey; each NGI/EIRO is provided with a unique link that you can use to return on you survey and add/modify the data when needed

Q2. Should I wait to have all the data before entering them into the online survey?
A2. We recommend you to add the data incrementally as soon as they are available. We will periodically check the advancement status and partial information can be very useful.

Q3. I need to collect info from many people and I would like to circulate an offline version of the questionnaire. Is this available?
A3. An offline version of the questionnaire is available as editable PDF document at the following URL: https://documents.egi.eu/document/1032

Q4. Some of the data have been already provided or is already available through tools like the EGI Operations or Accounting portals, why are these asked again?
A4. The EGI.eu staff will take care of pre-filling the information already available before asking NGIs/EIROs to fill the survey; this will give the opportunity for them to validate the data and provide updates where needed

Q5. I would like to draft the answers in a collaborative way with my colleagues, is there any option for collaborative editing?
A5. You can create a google docs based on the template that we prepared; before sharing the document that you create from the template, we suggest you to copy into it the data that we already collected for you in order to be validated. Here is the link to the template: