Do you own farmable ground you are not using? Would you like to see it actively farmed? The Methow Conservancy's goal is to identify willing landowners, and to create a database of opportunities for our local farmers who might be looking to expand their operations -- or even new farmers who might be looking to start out in the Methow Valley. 
We want to thank you for considering making your land available to farmers.  In such a beautiful place, where land values are high, increasing access to affordable farmland is a big part of creating a viable local food system.
Please know that in responding to this survey, you are not committing or obligating yourself to anything.  This information will merely serve as a reference, in the case we are approached by farmers looking for new land opportunities.  Please feel free to inform us at anytime if you are no longer interested in pursuing opportunities to put your land into agricultural use.  
Many thanks,
Alyssa Jumars
Agricultural Coordinator
Methow Conservancy
Questions? Please contact or 509-996-5873

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* 5. What kind of farming would you like to see on your land?
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* 6. What would you be looking to gain out of making your land available to a local farmer?
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* 7. What kind of "impact" is agreeable to you?
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