The City of Groveport is currently seeking bids for trash collection, including recycling, yard waste and bulk item pick-up.  This is necessary because our current contract expires December 31, 2020 and law requires the City to seek bids for a new contract through a publicly advertised Request For Proposal (RFP).

The current rate for residents, including the quarterly billing charge, is $14.25 per month, per household.  This rate has not changed since 2011.  Because of that, the City anticipated a rate increase, although we were pleasantly surprised that the bids were not as high as expected

Working with the Solid Waste Authority of Central Ohio (SWACO), the City received bids from two companies: Local Waste and Rumpke.  Local Waste was the lowest bid.

The monthly rate to maintain "status quo" (service exactly as it is currently) is $19.20.  We also have the option to chose a "cart" system for recycling which would be offered at the same $19.20 rate or three "carts-only" options for both trash and recycling.  The "carts-only" options would require all trash for pickup to fit inside the containers and would require carts to be placed at the street and not in alleys.  Unlimited pickup would be provided 4 times a year, including Christmas.  All options include yard waste pick-up with residents providing their own yard waste containers or bags.  

The City anticipates applying for and receiving a grant for the recycling carts and would likely provide the carts at no cost to residents.

The options and the monthly rate (billed quarterly) for each option are listed below.  PLEASE NOTE THAT ALL OPTIONS WILL BE OFFERED AT A REDUCED RATE FOR SENIORS. Please indicate your service preference.

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