The Salem Community College Alumni Association is growing. To offer activities that would interest the greatest number of graduates, we would appreciate your help in completing the following brief survey.

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* 2. SCC Major

* 3. SCC Graduation Year

* 4. Which Alumni Association and SCC Foundation events would interest you? Please rank in order of preference, with ā€œ1ā€ being your most preferred.

* 5. Please check the prospective events and activities that interest you:

* 6. Other event suggestions

* 7. Please indicate if you have an interest in volunteering your time and talents to the Alumni Association.

* 8. Since graduating from SCC, what additional degrees and certifications have you earned? Please include name of institution(s)

* 9. What is your occupation and employer?

* 10. Please indicate a topic of special interest on which you can speak.

* 11. Please provide your home address, e-mail address and daytime phone number.

* 12. Iā€™m interested in making a gift to SCC. Please contact me

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