Manchester is aiming to be a thriving, zero carbon, climate-resilient city. Science indicates that if the city is to play its full part in tackling the global challenge of climate change, rapid reductions in carbon emissions are required. Manchester has adopted a carbon budget that requires a halving of emissions in the period between 2018 and 2025 and has set a target to be zero carbon by 2038. The Climate Change Agency, on behalf of the city, is currently developing an action plan setting out, in more detail, the actions required to meet the target.  This will build on Manchester’s Climate Change Framework which was adopted last year.  The revised framework and Action Plan will identify the actions and contributions needed from different groups and sectors in Manchester to meet the targets set for 2025.

This survey has been designed to gain a better understanding of the actions businesses are already taking to reduce their emissions and the barriers that they face in taking further action. The feedback will inform the work to develop the revised Framework which will provide greater detail on the targets and actions required in relation to the following six thematic areas:

-        Buildings

-        Renewable energy

-        Transport

-        Food

-        The things we buy and throw away

-        Green infrastructure and nature-based solutions

We want to be able to use the information that you provide to develop a plan that provides companies with the additional support that they will need to take action and ensure you feel supported and empowered to act. There will be an opportunity to respond to a further public consultation on the output of this work and for Framework 2 in the autumn. This will be hosted on the Manchester Climate Change Agency website.

We anticipate that this questionnaire will take about 15-20 minutes to complete. Please answer to the best of your knowledge but do not worry if you are unable to answer all of the questions. All the feedback that you provide will be of value as we are keen to learn about your successes and challenges.

If you wish to provide any further details or discuss your response, please feel free to email

Thank you for your interest and help.

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