Communication Survey

In an effort to improve the effectiveness of our district's level of communication with parents/guardians, we need you to please complete the following survey. This is an anonymous survey.

* 1. How likely are you to read the district newsletter that is mailed home quarterly?

* 2. How  likely are  you to read the newsletters from your home school?

* 3. What sources do you use to receive information from Roseville Community Schools. (Click all that apply).

* 4. Which social media platforms do you utilize? (Click all that apply.)

* 5. Would you be interested in a Roseville Community Schools mobile app that could be downloaded to your phone?

* 6. Which newspaper(s) do you read? (Click all that apply.)

* 7. Where have you seen ads for Roseville Community Schools? (Click all that apply.)

* 8. How would  you prefer to be contacted?

* 9. What device do you use to access the district website?

* 10. How often do you check the district website?

* 11. How do you use the district website?

* 12. Please tell us what you think about the district website and what you would like to see.