A. Awareness and Engagement

The Loving Earth Project has been running for five years. Many people have been involved and we have run many workshops, exhibitions and other events. Now we'd like to know more about the reach and impact of the project and especially stories about the effect it has had. This survey has 3 sections: 
A. Awareness and engagement
B. Involvement and Impact
C. About you
All questions are optional but we hope you'll complete as many as you can. The survey should take around 10 minutes.
We would also love to have video and audio responses to these questions telling us about your experience of Loving Earth. Please do send them to Lovingearthproject@gmail.com

25% of survey complete.

Question Title

1. How did you find out about the Loving Earth Project (select all that apply)

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2. Which year was this?

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3. What first attracted you to the project?