God has equipped the church with gifts and skills needed to carry on the work of Christ’s ministry. Every body of believers is unique and uniquely qualified to minister in its specific time and place. This church has established ministries we seek to fulfill. We are also open to new works that God may choose to raise among us. We believe God has given each of us at least one gift to share and talents to use. If you are willing to help with the Lord’s work in our church or if you have a specific talent that you would like to offer, please take a moment to complete this inventory.

God may be calling you to a new ministry. We recognize that schedules and/or interests may change. Completing this inventory gives you the opportunity to participate in specific areas for the upcoming season. 

Completed inventories will be forwarded to the appropriate council(s).  You are encouraged to contact the councils listed to learn more. Councils will be encouraged to make contact when specific needs arise.
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